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 Used Pianos   

  • This 1997 Boston GP163 grand in our South showroom is an excellent value for $15,900.

  • Here is a great playing 1978 Cable spinet for just $1,495 at our South location. 

  • This immaculate Yamaha C3 at our North store is competitively priced at $21,900. 

  • Discover this pristine 1939 Steinway Model S grand at our South location in a mahogany finish for $16.900.

  • This stately 1990 Kawai 48" upright in our South showroom is well priced at $4,995.

  • This gorgeous 1990 Kohler & Campbell 6'8" grand in polished walnut may be seen at our South store for $11,900. 

  • This 1981 Sohmer console at our South location is in fine playing and cosmetic condition for only $2,995.

  • Here is a Yamaha C5 6'7" grand in a tasteful satin ebony finish in our South showroom that's competitively priced at $19,900.

  • This 1977 Yamaha G2 5'7" grand features a stunning satin walnut finish. Priced at $8,995, you'll find it in our South showroom. 

  • This striking 1995 Hyundai baby grand at our South store features an ivory finish and a great price at only $7,795. 

  • Here's a 1951 Everett console at our South store that's value-priced at just $1,295. 

  • Here's a clean 1981 Baldwin studio for only $2,195 at our South store.  

  • We presently have 3 pre-owned Yamaha U1 uprights in stock: 1 at the North store and 2 at the South. All are in great condition and are priced from $5,295. 

  • The Yamaha U3 is always in demand because it delivers grand piano sound in an upright package. We currently have 1 at the North store and 1 at the South from $6,195.

  • This rare 1965 Steinway "M" 5'7" grand in the Louis the 15th style is priced at $26,900 in our South showroom.  

  • Here is a distinctive 1980 Yamaha GC1 grand in the French Provincial style with a satin walnut finish for $13,900. See it today at our South store.

  • Come play this 1993 Baldwin 226 R in a gorgeous cherry finish at our North store. It's priced right at $14,900.      

  • Seldom seen in this condition, this excellent 1922 Sohmer 6' grand in our South showroom has a commanding presence! $9,995. 

  • In the market for a player piano? This 2002 Yamaha DGA1 baby grand at our South location is a great option for just $9,900.

  • This 1956 Cable Nelson spinet at our South store has great vintage style and is bargain-priced at only $995.  

  • This 1916 Knabe baby grand is a non-functioning piano that would make an impressive furniture piece or a shell for a full size electric piano. The price is right for only $750!

  • Here's a 1990 Samick baby grand in an appealing oak finish at our South store for only $5,995.