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Korg LP180 88-Key Lifestyle Piano


When choosing a home piano, there are many factors to consider, and for many people, a digital piano is the best answer. In terms of available space, price and forseeable maintenance, digital has its distinct advantages. Once you've decided to go with a digital piano, then it becomes a question of what brand and what model to choose. There are several crucial points in choosing a digital piano, such as design and tone, and the Korg LP-180's slim, stylish body and acclaimed grand piano sounds merits your consideration.

It goes without saying that all of the basics, including the keyboard, pedals, playing feel, and sound, are just as solid as you would expect from KORG with its more than fifty years of experience as a manufacturer of electronic instruments.

  • Matches most decors
  • Authentic piano sound
  • Other sounds to choose from
  • Natural weighted hammer action
  • Three pedal attachment

  • Model: LP180BK
    Manufacturer: Korg
    Korg LP180 88-Key Lifestyle Piano
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    On Sale For: $649.00

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