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Austin Unicorn Band Clarinet Accessory Pack


This pack includes all of the accessories recommended by your band director.

  • Essential Elements Book 1
  • 5 Minute Theory
  • Korg TM-60 Tuner/Metronome
  • Korg CM-300 Tuner Pickup
  • Folding Music Stand
  • Vandoren Clear Mouthpiece Cushions
  • Protec Reed Case
  • Cork Grease
  • Vandoren #3 Reeds
  • Silk Swab
  • Mouthpiece Cap

**Your band director has cut off the option to deliver this item to your school. This pack will need to be picked up at one of our store locations.

Manufacturer: Misc. Vendor
Austin Unicorn Band Clarinet Accessory Pack
Price: $148.82