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Fender American Original '70s Jazz Bass - Natural, Maple Fretboard


Over the course of the ‘70s, the Jazz Bass entered its “teenage years,” changing its visual style and inspiring new playing techniques--such as slapping--which led directly to new, creative forms of expression. Its smooth feel and growly midrange, tempered with a bit of treble bite, made it a hero in recording sessions around the globe. The American Original ‘70s Jazz Bass updates the smooth playing feel with a modern-radius fingerboard, while retaining the classic Fender tone and style that made the Jazz Bass the tool of choice for creative bassists.

  • Ash body with polyurethane finish
  • Two Pure Vintage ‘75 single-coil Jazz Bass pickups
  • Thick “’70s U”-shaped neck profile; 9.5”-radius fingerboard
  • Vintage-style hardware; four-saddle bridge
  • Includes vintage-style hardshell case

Model: 0190142821
Manufacturer: Fender
Fender American Original '70s Jazz Bass - Natural, Maple Fretboard
Price: $2,099.99